Forget Me Not


Well, as you may have noticed, I haven’t written a blog post in quite a while. That’s because it has been a busy summer, especially the end of July and the beginning of August. But I’m not complaining about that! In fact, I am celebrating it.

This summer, God has done some awesome things! He has done things for me, for my wife, for our families, for our church, and for our community. I hope you have seen God do some amazing things for you as well.

When God does amazing things for us and amongst us, do you know what we are prone to do? We may get real excited about it, tell others about it, and praise Him for it, but then the joy goes away and we forget all about it. When He does something awesome, it may draw us closer to Him for a while, but then we find ourselves slipping back away.

In Joshua 3, God did something great for His people, the Israelites. He worked wonders among them. This nation of people, which began with Abraham, had been waiting many years to get into the land God had promised them. Finally, in Joshua 3, they found themselves standing on the eastern bank of the Jordan River ready to enter the land. There was only one problem: how would they cross the river?

In 3:5 Joshua told the people to consecrate or sanctify themselves, for the next day God was going to work wonders among them. And that He did! When the priests carrying the ark of the covenant took just one step into the overflowing Jordan River, the flow ceased and the ground dried up. The water to the north began to stand up in a huge mass that extended back to the next city. The water to the south, which usually flowed to the Dead Sea, was no more. And the entire nation of God’s people crossed that river into the Promise Land on dry ground! What a miracle! What a wondrous thing God did for His people!

And you know what? God knew that many of them would soon forget about it. But He didn’t want to see that happen, so in Joshua 4:1-8 He commanded them to do something. Before the river resumed its flow, 12 men were sent to grab a stone from the middle of it. These 12 stones were set up as a memorial, so that those people, and even the generation to come, would never forget the wonders God worked on that day.

My hope is that everyone reading this has experienced the power and presence of the Lord in some way this summer. And whatever it is that He has done for you, my prayer is that you will not easily forget. As a way to remember, you may even consider setting up some type of memorial. Don’t forget what God has done for you. Don’t let it escape your memory. Don’t go on living like nothing happened. Remember what He has done. Think about it often. Live with the expectation that He will continue to do great things for you.